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Csi Miami/NCSI AU crossover plot bunny

Posted by solos_ghost on 2008.06.02 at 02:59
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful someone will take this
Csi Miami/NCSI AU crossover
the plot of the story is such:
Tim Speedle witnesses a murder/bad drug deal that involves naval personal.  However, he
is the only witness and as such needs to be protected.  SO they have him sent to Miami
where he had already applied to be a CSI and with him they send the newest (although
intregrated into the group already) NCIS special agent, Special Agent Ryan Wolfe.  He is
suppose to be undercover on patrol so that he can observe and protect Speed while on
crime scenes, also they share an apartment, for security reasons.  Dispo Day is the
first attempt against Speed's life, they were after him and the drugs both,  it is a
somewhat large dangerous group he is witness against.  Due to the pressure after Dispo
Day it is decided that there are people in the lab who are inside people for the drug
organization, so the jewelery shootout is staged to get Speed out and to protect him.
Ryan is inserted into the CSI team so that he can find out who the inside players are.
Ryan and Speed fall in love (real love not just he's the only one here who knows i'm
alive love). 
The ending should be happy with the case resolving and the CSI's finding out about Speed 
being alive, with Ryan, and working(to finish the case with NCIS) 
Other character pairings can go however, (Just please have Gibbs with either Tony or 
like McGee, I can't see him and Horatio not sure why I just can't). 
Eric should get someone too, the more good slash pairs the better.  
Natlia is fair  game however you want to make her good or bad, your call. (i don't like
her much on the show but have seen her written well a few times)
So thats it, if i could actually write fiction well enough to do it justice i would 
wrtie it, but sadly my brain stops at storylines. 
Any takers?


gelaecter at 2008-06-30 06:58 (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, intriguing. I'm not sure if I could do it justice either (I've got the same problem as you, lol), but my writing is steadily improving, so maybe I can do something with it. I'll give it a shot anyway.
solos_ghost at 2008-06-30 10:05 (UTC) (Link)
cool, if you get stuck at any point feel free to poke me and i'm more than willing to help as well i just can't seem to write a god story that is longer than a few pages and i know this will be longer than that
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