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Kid!fic Supernatural bunny

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.09.10 at 00:20
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When Dean was 18 he went on a solo hunt to get rid of a poltergeist. The family that lived in the house being haunted included a daughter the same age he was. After getting rid of the ghost, Dean went back to his motel for the night planning to leave in the morning. The daughter goes out, ostensibly to a party at a friend's house, but instead goes to see Dean. Before he leaves the next morning Dean gives her Bobby's phone number and tells her if she ever needs to contact to call Bobby and he'll relay the message to whatever Dean's phone number is (since it was likely to change). Neither had noticed that the condom broke...
(Prologue, flashback, or story told to Sam en route, tell it however you want.)

Eight years later (season 1) Dean hears from Bobby that the daughter is in trouble. He gets to town to find out her parents died in a car accident, which might not be strange in and of itsself, but then one of her siblings is also killed and she sees something that tells her there's something not natural at work. She called him for help not only for herself but also the seven-year-old very tomboyish daughter he didn't know he had.

Ultimately they aren't able to save the mother and are left with no choice but to take Dean's daughter and run. (I kind of like the idea that while Dean is packing clothes and toys and things for her he also packs a small box of items that had meaning to mom and daughter and a few photos to remember her by, but that's up to you.) Where it goes from there is up to you, but at some point I'd love to see John meet his granddaughter, and of course the big bad (whatever you decide it is) has to bite the dust.

Random thought (feel free to ignore); http://www.behindthename.com is a great resource for finding names that mean something that fits the character... What name would fit Dean's little tomboy best?

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