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Bunny hugs

NCIS/Anita Blake werebunny

Posted by trixdanascully on 2007.11.08 at 15:19
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I really need to do something about my addiction to crossover fanfic, I keep getting pulled in to new fandoms, and I don't even really like AB. Well here's the bunny:

Tony is a were. (I was thinking wolf but whatever you feel like is good too.) He's not really very happy about being a were, he's a stronger than average beta and doesn't follow rules or play politics well. He doesn't fit in. So he hides his lycantropy as best he can and makes NCIS his surrogate pack.

Out on a case Gibbs gets attacked and turns. Now Gibbs is scarily alpha male at times as a human, add in lycantropy and he's making a lot of people very nervous indeed, especially local packleaders. But Gibbs doesn't want a pack. He just wants to be left alone. Too bad that's not gonna happen.

The local packs decide to attack Tony, seeing him as Gibbs' weak point. Fireworks ensue as Gibbs gets pissed off. If Gibbs ends up with a pack of him and Tony or a pack of all werewolfs(or other animal) in Washington is up to you.

The idea of someone trying to get Gibbs in a halfway house is pretty hilarious too.

Bunny hugs

Stargate Atlantis bunny

Posted by trixdanascully on 2007.08.18 at 23:20
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OK so Rodney had the ATA gene therapy, with John's gene. Well what if the ancients had, once in a while, fallen in love with regular humans? In order for their partners to have access to Atlantis they used their own genes so Atlantis could easily recognize them. Now an overzealous AI has woken and decided to take care of everything. John being the strongest must of course be the new ruler, and Rodney having his gene must be his spouse. Unusual and frowned upon to have the ruler mated to a human, but it certainly won't argue with it's masters choice. Only John never had any intention of marrying Rodney. DADT and all that. At which point the AI declares all will be done to the masters satisfaction and Rodney vanishes. Questions reveal that security protocols demand that Rodney be killed. After realizing the futility of arguing with AIs John decide to marry Rodney anyway. Features: confused!angry!John, scared!angry!Rodney, formal!things-must-be-done-appropriately!AI and a barely sentient Atlantis.


CSI: NY Bunny

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2007.06.16 at 00:40
Pairing: Danny/Mac preferred but Danny/Don or Danny/Mac/Don also okay

Louie Messer wasn't the only one beaten up, Danny was also attacked. When he wakes up, he's able to call Mac (or Don depending on your pairing of choice) for help, but by then it's too late. The beating damaged his spine leaving him with some sensation in his legs but no movement. How does he cope and adapt to life in a wheelchair?

This will take a bit of research... but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

A Stargate is found in the basement of Gringott's and transports Harry and co to Colorado.

Sorry that's all I have.


Cute little bunny

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2007.03.19 at 22:12
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I was reading through some stuff I wrote on lj a couple years ago when I found this entry and got bunnied. What if an adult character from a tv show/movie were to help transform a big box (like a refrigerator box for example) into a "castle" or whatever the kid wanted and got drawn into the game of make believe. I'd love to see this with Horatio and Madison, but you can choose whatever characters you want.
Edit: I just realized this would be awesome as a Wee!chester fic, with John getting drawn into Dean and Sam's game and the boys getting to just be kids for a while...


More bunnies...

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2007.02.28 at 01:07
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Like I said in my previous post... there are more bunnies. This is only two.

The first is a songfic based on "Through Glass" by Stone Sour. Every time I hear it on the radio the first thing that pops into my head is Speed, though you can certainly write it for another character if you want.

The second bunny (for today at least) is a Law & Order SVU/CI bunny. Basically Munch and Goren have to work a case together... this bunny was inspired by comments over here. I couldn't help it. *headdesk*

More bunnies later.


An assortment of little bunnies from various fandoms

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2007.02.24 at 01:59
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CSI: Miami
Horatio is known to offer support to the families of the victims, sometimes giving his number and saying they could call him to talk if they want. What if someone took him up on the offer and then became obsessed?

Usually, Tony is the trouble magnet. But what if, just once, it was Gibbs that got in over his head?

*tries to chase down another bunny* Damn they're fast. *catches one* Hmm... Nope, that one's for Bev. *puts bunny in cage and grabs another* Ahh, here we go.

This one's a crossover bunny.
This one should focus mainly on NCIS characters. HL characters can appear if you want but it should be kept to cameo appearances if any. This bunny thinks that Tony is Immortal. He's found some way of slowing his Immortal healing in order to blend in (maybe an herbal mixture that was forgotten over time?). His background and age is up to you but he should be at least a few centuries old because he's about to take on a student. Namely Gibbs. Oh boy.

*sees bunny out of the corner of her eye and manages to catch it*

Another crossover bunny! And he has friends... Uh oh.
CSI:Miami/various books
Book bunny #1;
"The Dragon's of the Cuyahoga" by S Andrew Swann. A very interesting premise, if you get a chance to read it. The main point of the universe it's set in is that a portal has been opened between our world and a world where magic exists and that magic has leaked through (along with some unusual residents). Electronics are useless without protection and redundancy. The magic leak in the book only covers Cleveland, but move it to Miami and you've got this bunny. How would all the changes caused by this portal affect law enforcement?
Book bunny #2;
Impatient little bugger, I'm not even finished reading "Greywalker" by Kat Richardson. Basically the main character dies, but EMTs get her back a couple minutes later. The catch is, she now has a permanent connection to the Grey, the crossover zone between here and hereafter where things that go bump in the night exist. The bunny insists that Speed is alive but that he is now a Greywalker and has to learn to control and use this new talent before it drives him nuts, or gets him killed permanently.

Any takers for any of these little cuties? I'd be willing to coauthor the book bunnies, if it gets them written. Just let me finish reading Greywalker first, it shouldn't take long. And believe me there are more bunnies.

Edit: Finished reading Greywalker, it's really worth a look if you have a chance.

Seeing as the Trust and it's agents aren't exactly trustworthy, it wouldn't be a big suprise if one of them was killed in Miami while transporting an Ancient artifact. The Miami team investigates, not having any clue what the artifact is but knowing it's somehow tied to the case. Sometime during the investigation, Speed picks up the artifact and it turns out he has the ATA gene and it activates. It's not a weapon, but other than that you can choose what it does. The team, at this point, still don't know what they are dealing with and consult with a locally based anthropologist or archaeologist trying to figure out what the thing is. S/he doesn't know but in trying to figure it out, she either contacts someone in the archeology department at the SGC (not necessarily Daniel) or her research raises red flags and the SGC decides to discretely find out what's up, later choosing to intervene.

I'd prefer if this were written with SG-1 as it was before Jack was promoted to Brigadier General. Also, no info dumps between SG-1 and the Miami team. Classified means classified and SG-1 is going to try to keep as much under wraps as possible. Not that that will stop the Miami team from trying to figure it out, unofficially of course. This should focus a bit more on the Miami team than SG-1 and whatever they figure out they ultimately keep to themselves.

Bunny hugs

Stargate Atlantis/CSI:NY/NCIS bunny

Posted by trixdanascully on 2007.01.10 at 19:04
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Danny Messer, Tony DiNozzo and John Sheppard are cousins. They all have the ATA gene. John is thrilled to have his cousins in Atlantis. And let's face it, they could do with a few investigators ;)Also if other members of the teams show up it's fun. Abby's reaction should be priceless. And Mac and Gibbs are ex-marines in lawenforcement. They should go a long way towards keeping the marines out of trouble.

Pairings are Danny/Carson, John/Rodney and Tony/?


CSI Plot Bunny

Posted by kate_mct on 2007.01.08 at 05:49
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what are the bunnies singing?: AccuCountry
Here's the Bunny: Greg begins having trouble with his hearing and it stems from being injured in the lab explosion that happened near the end of Season 3. He tries to hide it because he's afraid that Grissom will use it as an excuse to keep him in the lab, but it gets to the point that it affects his work and Grissom becomes suspicious. One night, Greg is injured at a scene because his hearing went out and the truth comes out.

What'll happen? Will Greg be able to stay a CSI? How will Grissom react and will he help Greg deal with his disability?

Would prefer that it be either Gil/Greg or Gil/Greg and a third person either Brass, Nick or maybe Warrick.

*Holds up sweet bunny* Isn't he cute, please give him a good home.

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