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fic: brownie bribe

This pic gave me an idea...

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2011.04.03 at 20:50
I saw this and imediately thought of the brothers Winchester so here is the link to it (since the pic itself doesn't want to be posted) for you to be inspired by...



Random Generator!

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2009.05.12 at 01:13
Current Mood: amusedamused
So I happened to read a fic which got it's prompt from this random prompt generator and it linked back to the site. And I clicked on the second prompt to bring up three random things and I got "An afghan, an old car, and outdated software." So my challenge is to incorporate these into a fic, or generate three random prompts of your own, or use the random plot generator on the same page to write a fic. I can so see this as a Supernatural fic, but use whatever fandom you want. Have fun!


Kid!fic Supernatural bunny

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.09.10 at 00:20
Current Mood: weirdweird
When Dean was 18 he went on a solo hunt to get rid of a poltergeist. The family that lived in the house being haunted included a daughter the same age he was. After getting rid of the ghost, Dean went back to his motel for the night planning to leave in the morning. The daughter goes out, ostensibly to a party at a friend's house, but instead goes to see Dean. Before he leaves the next morning Dean gives her Bobby's phone number and tells her if she ever needs to contact to call Bobby and he'll relay the message to whatever Dean's phone number is (since it was likely to change). Neither had noticed that the condom broke...
(Prologue, flashback, or story told to Sam en route, tell it however you want.)

Eight years later (season 1) Dean hears from Bobby that the daughter is in trouble. He gets to town to find out her parents died in a car accident, which might not be strange in and of itsself, but then one of her siblings is also killed and she sees something that tells her there's something not natural at work. She called him for help not only for herself but also the seven-year-old very tomboyish daughter he didn't know he had.

Ultimately they aren't able to save the mother and are left with no choice but to take Dean's daughter and run. (I kind of like the idea that while Dean is packing clothes and toys and things for her he also packs a small box of items that had meaning to mom and daughter and a few photos to remember her by, but that's up to you.) Where it goes from there is up to you, but at some point I'd love to see John meet his granddaughter, and of course the big bad (whatever you decide it is) has to bite the dust.

Random thought (feel free to ignore); http://www.behindthename.com is a great resource for finding names that mean something that fits the character... What name would fit Dean's little tomboy best?


Just a couple songfic ideas...

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.09.10 at 00:19
"Wayward Son" by Kansas focusing on Danny Messer...

"Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty about Dean and/or Sam Winchester...

These could also work as vid bunnies now that I think about it.


Local bunny...

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.07.01 at 22:24
Current Mood: amusedamused
What if the Winchesters were to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise? I've linked a couple things below and if you want to ask questions I'll try to answer since I live here. But seriously, a celebration of classic cars of all kinds... Dean would be in heaven, and Sam would probably get caught up in it just like the other non-car nuts like me who still go every year just because it's fun. Oh, and one other thing, although there's always plenty of police around, there is seldom any trouble except for those who don't want to stop cruising at the end of the day. And Kansas plates wouldn't stand out particularly, I've seen them on a couple cars along with California, New York, Florida, the Carolinas, and at least half a dozen other states. Classic car people are kind of their own breed, and they love the chance to show off their cars. Keep an eye out and you might even spot a Model T!

Official site

Wikipedia article-
Quick note on the article, I don't think most people really mind as long as it doesn't go on too late into the night. The big issue is traffic on the day of the cruise if you're actually trying to get somewhere.

Oh and btw, the local classic rock radio station is 94.7 FM.



Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.06.30 at 00:53
Current Mood: amusedamused
So I was reminded earlier today of a series of books I LOVED as a kid; Bunnicula. And it got me thinking, what would happen if the Winchesters found him? Sam would want to keep him of course, Dean... well maybe eventually he'd be convinced that a vegetarian vampire bunny is cool enough to be an appropriate pet for a Winchester, but that's up to you. Because you know he'd tease Sam about wanting a bunny... Can be Wee!chester fic or adults although with the former you'd have to think about what John would do too.

Or what if a CSI like Speed or Danny somehow ended up with him and started finding white veggies with fang marks in them? *evil grin*

Seeing Bunnicula crossed with any fandom would be cool actually, whatever strikes your fancy.

Speaking of Danny with a pet, what if after the 'loaner' dog from "not what it looks like" (?)helped on the case he didn't want to see him back in a cage and, probably after some angsting about it, decides to adopt him, teasing from friends or no. (I've seen this somewhere as a subplot but I wouldn't mind seeing it again as a main plot.) Anyway, what would he call him, what are the pooch's quirks? Yes I'm back on the "Danny gets a dog" plot again... What can I say, I'm a dog lover and that little guy was CUTE!


And yet another CSI: NY bunny

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.06.14 at 01:51
I seem to be getting a lot of these lately.

What if Mac and Peyton, and Danny and Lindsay, played up their 'relationships' at work to cover for the fact that Mac was really dating Danny and Peyton and Lindsay were seeing other women? Maybe they occasionally go on double dates so that they have something to talk about at work to make it look more convincing?


Another NY bunny...

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.06.02 at 17:27
Current Mood: goodgood
I forgot to post this little one with the others... What if Mac already knew about Danny's history before the events of Tanglewood and the resulting 'rift' between them was an act to help Danny gain the confidence of a group of dirty cops so he could gather evidence against them? Mac of course would be his handler in this undercover op, but it would soon become clear that it was a much more complex group than they origially thought and would take longer to identify everyone involved and have the evidence to bring them all down. What if it's only recently, say before the trip to London that doesn't happen (because Mac's with Danny by then) but after the rest of the events of Snow Day, that they finally were ready to make their move. Of course nothing is ever that simple... what happens exactly is up to you.

I have this scene in my head where Flack sees Danny doing his thing and Danny and Mac decide to bring him in on the op to watch Danny's back since things are coming to a head. It would be around this time that the story begins, the other stuff is background that is explained to him as he's briefed on everything up to that point (this is just before the events of Snow Day). Somewhere between when Mac and Danny started the investigation and when Flack gets brought in they started dating, and during the briefing Don picks up on whats really going on between them when they're off the clock.

I also had this idea at one point that maybe the reason Hillborne wants Mac out of the lab is because he's in this group of dirty cops and he wants someone in the lab that can cover for them but knows that Mac will catch them. I kinda have this idea of having Danny carry a wire disguised as an IPod with the earbuds being the mic which you can use or not use as you please. Feel free to make this bunny your own, but I wouldn't say no to coauthoring either.


Csi Miami/NCSI AU crossover plot bunny

Posted by solos_ghost on 2008.06.02 at 02:59
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful someone will take this
Csi Miami/NCSI AU crossover
the plot of the story is such:
Tim Speedle witnesses a murder/bad drug deal that involves naval personal.  However, he
is the only witness and as such needs to be protected.  SO they have him sent to Miami
where he had already applied to be a CSI and with him they send the newest (although
intregrated into the group already) NCIS special agent, Special Agent Ryan Wolfe.  He is
suppose to be undercover on patrol so that he can observe and protect Speed while on
crime scenes, also they share an apartment, for security reasons.  Dispo Day is the
first attempt against Speed's life, they were after him and the drugs both,  it is a
somewhat large dangerous group he is witness against.  Due to the pressure after Dispo
Day it is decided that there are people in the lab who are inside people for the drug
organization, so the jewelery shootout is staged to get Speed out and to protect him.
Ryan is inserted into the CSI team so that he can find out who the inside players are.
Ryan and Speed fall in love (real love not just he's the only one here who knows i'm
alive love). 
The ending should be happy with the case resolving and the CSI's finding out about Speed 
being alive, with Ryan, and working(to finish the case with NCIS) 
Other character pairings can go however, (Just please have Gibbs with either Tony or 
like McGee, I can't see him and Horatio not sure why I just can't). 
Eric should get someone too, the more good slash pairs the better.  
Natlia is fair  game however you want to make her good or bad, your call. (i don't like
her much on the show but have seen her written well a few times)
So thats it, if i could actually write fiction well enough to do it justice i would 
wrtie it, but sadly my brain stops at storylines. 
Any takers?


Have a CSI:NY bunny... or three...(plus a bonus crossover)

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.06.01 at 19:06
Current Mood: depressedkinda down
I'm putting most of the bunnies behind a cut because this would be a really long post otherwise but here's a fluffy teaser:

I happened across a cap of Danny and the dog that he was using for crime scene reconstruction in that one ep (I can't recall the name) and the next thing I know this little guy hops into my lap. What if Danny found an orphaned/abandoned/stray puppy and decided to keep it? I've got this image in my head where it's cold and the poor pup is shivering and Danny tucks it in his jacket, then as it warms up a bit the pup sticks her head out to look around. I also have it in my head that the pup is a female of indeterminate mixed breed, but that's up to you. Bonus points for the pup having to go to work with Danny at least on the first day when he finds her. Double bonus points for Mac giving in to the literal puppy eyes and giving her treats from the table!

more bunnies this way!Collapse )
I'd be more than happy to coauthor any of these bunnies! Especially any of the ones behind the cut. *hint*hint* Just be warned that I'm good with coming up with plots and scenes or fragments but not the stuff to connect them. Otherwise I might tackle one of these myself.

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