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Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.06.30 at 00:53
Current Mood: amusedamused
So I was reminded earlier today of a series of books I LOVED as a kid; Bunnicula. And it got me thinking, what would happen if the Winchesters found him? Sam would want to keep him of course, Dean... well maybe eventually he'd be convinced that a vegetarian vampire bunny is cool enough to be an appropriate pet for a Winchester, but that's up to you. Because you know he'd tease Sam about wanting a bunny... Can be Wee!chester fic or adults although with the former you'd have to think about what John would do too.

Or what if a CSI like Speed or Danny somehow ended up with him and started finding white veggies with fang marks in them? *evil grin*

Seeing Bunnicula crossed with any fandom would be cool actually, whatever strikes your fancy.

Speaking of Danny with a pet, what if after the 'loaner' dog from "not what it looks like" (?)helped on the case he didn't want to see him back in a cage and, probably after some angsting about it, decides to adopt him, teasing from friends or no. (I've seen this somewhere as a subplot but I wouldn't mind seeing it again as a main plot.) Anyway, what would he call him, what are the pooch's quirks? Yes I'm back on the "Danny gets a dog" plot again... What can I say, I'm a dog lover and that little guy was CUTE!

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