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Local bunny...

Posted by daydreamgrl on 2008.07.01 at 22:24
Current Mood: amusedamused
What if the Winchesters were to attend the Woodward Dream Cruise? I've linked a couple things below and if you want to ask questions I'll try to answer since I live here. But seriously, a celebration of classic cars of all kinds... Dean would be in heaven, and Sam would probably get caught up in it just like the other non-car nuts like me who still go every year just because it's fun. Oh, and one other thing, although there's always plenty of police around, there is seldom any trouble except for those who don't want to stop cruising at the end of the day. And Kansas plates wouldn't stand out particularly, I've seen them on a couple cars along with California, New York, Florida, the Carolinas, and at least half a dozen other states. Classic car people are kind of their own breed, and they love the chance to show off their cars. Keep an eye out and you might even spot a Model T!

Official site

Wikipedia article-
Quick note on the article, I don't think most people really mind as long as it doesn't go on too late into the night. The big issue is traffic on the day of the cruise if you're actually trying to get somewhere.

Oh and btw, the local classic rock radio station is 94.7 FM.

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